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Basic Uses: Sapphire 350 is a metal tile facsimile panel to be used for roofing on both residential and commercial buildings. Sapphire 350 may be used for new construction or re-roofing.  Minimum pitch recommended is 3 in 12. In some cases, Sapphire 350 may be applied directly over the old roofing material, without the need for tear-off and disposal.

Composition & Materials: Standard Offerings:
Panels are roll-formed from .0195 gauge, CSB, G90, XSM, NCT galvanized steel. 

Sizes and Profiles: Sapphire 350panels are in the form of an “S” or Spanish style tile.  Panels are 46 7/16” wide nominal, including a 3 1/8” side lap.  The length of the “tile” is 13 3/4” and the width of the “scallop” is an 7 1/4” repeat.  The “step” on the tile is 1 3/4”. Panel lengths are cut to customer specification and can range from 22” minimum to any transportable length.

Weight: 0.96 lb/sq ft.

Colors & Finishes: A choice of 27 colors is available in a KYNAR 500® PVDF or HYLAR 5000® PVDF finish. Sapphire 350 may be specified with gloss or matte finish.


KYNAR 500® PVDF or HYLAR 5000® PVDF based finishes tested by paint supplier for:


  • Dry Film Thickness: ASTM D 5796
  • Topside Color: ASTM D 1729
  • Specular Gloss: ASTM D 523
  • Pencil Hardness: ASTM D 3363
  • Solvent Resistance: ASTM D 5402
  • Cross-Hatch Adhesion: ASTM D3359
  • Impact Resistance: ASTM D 2794
  • T-Bend Flexibility: ASTM D 4145
  • Humidity Resistance: ASTM D 2247
  • Cleveland Condensing Cabinet: ASTM D 4585
  • Water Immersion Resistance: ASTM D 870
  • Salt Spray: ASTM B 117
  • Chemical Resistance: ASTM D 1308
  • Acid Rain Resistance (Kesternich): ASTM G 87
  • Accelerated Weathering: ASTM G151 and G154
  • Color Retention, Florida Exposure:   ASTM D 2244
  • Chalking Resistance – ASTM D 4214
  • Abrasion Resistance:  ASTM D 968
  • Flame Spread Rating: ASTM E 84
  • Fire Resistance: UL 790/ASTM E 108 Class A Fire Rating
  • Impact Resistance: UL2218 Grade 4
  • Steel: ASTM B 209
  • Coil Coating: ASTM A 755

Sapphire 350 panels are installed vertically up the slope of the roof.  The panel is installed with metal fasteners long enough to penetrate the solid substrate.  Installation manuals or hands-on training via seminars are available through DML USA.


Sapphire 350 panels are available through DML USA product distributors. A complete line of related components and trim accessories is available to complete the roof system.
Flat sheet and/or coil stock in matching color is also available for fabrication of related accessories by the installing contractor.

Cost: Contact DML USA for current pricing.


Sapphire 350 carry a fifty (50) year limited warranty.


Sapphire 350 panels are virtually maintenance free. Surface residue may be easily removed by conventional cleaning methods. Minor scratches may be touched up with a matching paint, available from the manufacturer.


Complete technical information and literature are available at DML USA will assist with design ideas and shop drawings.

Additional product information is available from the manufacturer upon request.