Metal Roof

Roof Accessories and Accents


DML USA provides a wide variety of necessary accessories for metal tile panels,
i.e.: snow guards, ridge tiles, fascias and other edges, sealing tapes, touch-up paint, screws and different types of flashing for non-standard applications.

Accents serve as a sealing-finishing element and enhance the aesthetics of the roof. They are made of flat sheet coated steel (in the same color as metal tile panels). There are a lot of finishing solutions, their appearance and dimensions depend to a great extend on the shape and specific features of the roof.

Accents shown below are available in either standard dimensions or customized to the needs of the client. Available profiles are made of G90 galvanized steel sheets having the lengths from 6 to 20 feet and 26 gauge thickness.

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Gable Trim, Fascia, Gutter Flashing, Wall Flashing, Valley, Rounded Ridge Cap, Plain Ridge Cap,
Snow Barrier, Snow Guards, Foam Closures, Fasteners.


Gable Trim Metal Roof Gable Trim

Overal length: 10' or 8'

Fascia Metal Roof Fascia

Overal length: 10' or 8'

Gutter flashing Metal Roof Gutter Flashing

Overal length: 10' or 8'

Wall flashing Metal Roof Wall Flashing

Overal length: 10' or 8'

Valley Metal Roof Valley

Overal length: 10' or 8'

Rounded ridge cap Metal Roof Rounded Ridge Cap

Overal length: 6'6", Effective length: 6'4"'

Plain ridge cap Metal Roof Plain Ridge Cap

Overal length: 10' or 8'

Snow barrier Metal Roof Snow Barier

Overal length: 10' or 8'

Snow guards Metal Roof Snow Guards

Overal height: 2.5"

Foam closures Metal Roof Foam Closures

Overal length: 45"

Fasteners Metal Roof Fasteners

Galvanized steel, #10, 5/16" Hex head, Heoprene gasket