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Go Green with DML USA


In these modern times we must all make an effort to reduce our energy consumption while making sure we are using environmentally responsible, sustainable resources. Using DML USA Metal Roofing System is one of the ways we can achieve this goal.

95% Recycled Substance

Eco FriendlyDML USA Metal Roofing System is the sustainable choice for those who are concerned about human population's effect on our environment. As consumers, many of us are careful to collect our recyclable materials and turn them in for collection. In reality, though, we are offered very few consumer products through which we can "close the loop" by purchasing products that are high in recycled content. Metal roofing however, offers that option to consumers by allowing them to choose a significant building product on the basis of its recycled content. DML USA Metal Roofs contain up to 95% recycled substance. This is in stark contrast to conventional roofing shingles, which have much shorter lives and use oil-based products as their primary raw material.

Metal Rroofing on The List of "Green" Products

While DML USA Metal Roofing metal roof product is known for its 50 year warranty, it does have the added benefit of being 100% recyclable if it is ever removed in the future, perhaps as part of a building renovation. Whereas other old roofing materials are disposed of by the ton each year in landfills across the country, the steel used in metal roofing can be recycled in their entirety - even becoming, potentially, another DML USA Metal roof. The recycled content of metal roofing has been a compelling reason for several state and local entities, such as solid waste districts and departments of natural resources, to include metal roofing on their list of "green" and recycled-content products.

Prevent Global Warming

Since metal roofs absorb much less heat than other roofing materials there is less impact on the urban air temperature, making a DML USA Metal Roof better for all who live around you by keeping temperatures down. The reduction in air temperature also helps to improve air quality since less smog is formed and less fossil fuels are used to cool the home.

Save energy

Cool metal roofing may be a relatively new idea in USA, but it is quickly gaining ground as the preferred roofing material for new or re-finished homes. By installing a DML USA Metal Roof you are reducing your energy consumption as you will require less air conditioning in the summer, which of course will save you hundreds of dollars in electric costs.

Choose "Green"

You are also making a conscious decision to use materials that are environmentally friendly and recyclable, and improving the air quality around your home. With all these advantages it is no surprise that metal roofing is becoming so popular with homeowners, developers and contractors.