Metal Roof

SAPPHIRE Metal Panels


SAPPHIRE Metal Tile Panels can bring your home beauty, durability,
and reduced energy costs.

Advantages of Metal Roof

Available in 25 colors, this versatile roofing has several advantages over standard asphalt shingles.
Many of DML USA Metal Roofing customers opt to install metal roofing for reliable protection against sun, wind, snow, and rain without sacrificing a striking visual effect.

Customized style

The right style of metal roofing will complement any home’s architecture, from Victorian to contemporary.
This is because the arrangement of the sheets of SAPPHIRE can be completely customized to suit the client’s preference, unlike the standard grid of shingles.

Technologically advanced paints.

SAPPHIRE panels with AkzoNobel Cool Chemistry® finishes reflect a great deal of the sun’s energy which over the life of the roof can save substantial energy costs. Light-colored DML USA roof could save 23% in air conditioning expenses in summer. Due to the light weight of material, the need to remove the old roof in most cases is not required thus generating substantial cost savings on installation.


SAPPHIRE Metal Panel
SAPPHIRE Metal Panel
SAPPHIRE Metal Panel