Pros Of James Hardie Siding Naperville, IL

James Hardie Siding, or cement board siding, has been utilized by the leading siding companies Joliet due to its benefits. Hardie sidings can last for a long time because it is made out of heavy-duty materials. It is also available in various colors and textures and is commonly chosen as a siding replacement because of its economical price. Below are some of the reasons why James Hardie siding is popular:  

  • ​Storm Resistance
  • ​Appearance
  • ​Fire Resistance
  • Longevity


James Hardie siding installation also provides a 50 years limited transferable warranty. With its long-lasting make, it can resist rotting and pests. Properties located near the ocean or sea are also ideal to have this siding as it resists salt spray. Another reason why we at SW BUZZ Siding Contractors offer James Hardie Siding to our clients is that it can endure hail storms and hurricanes, and it is fire-resistant. Those are all because it is 90% sand and cement.