Metal roofing panels for looks and longevity

I buy roof covering material from different suppliers depending on its type (metal, wood, slate, etc.). But when my client needs metal roofing panels, I steer him or her towards Worthouse products. Why so? Actually, there are several reasons. The first and most important one in regard of a roof lifespan is high quality of the panels themselves. Steel panels sandwiched between protective layers are made to withstand extreme weather conditions like hail damage and hurricane wind. Well, my clients appreciate product durability and resulting decrease in insurance cost and increase in value of their property but the steel panels from Worthouse have other qualities as well like aesthetic appeal for example. I can install a roof that not only will last a lifetime but also look great. Metal roof panels offered by Worthouse come in different styles and colors so I can propose design that suit best to the house character and looks. .

metal roof

How quickly and efficiently install metal roofing panels

I appreciated aforementioned metal roofing panel characteristics as both a homeowner and a roofer. As a professional installer, I think as well that they are far superior to competing products when it comes to transportation and installation process. With small to average roof, I have panels packed on a single pallet and can take everything in a one go. On top of that, I can complete installation in a day or two. Sounds too good to be true? I had the same opinion when I first met with manufacturers. They showed how the design of panels and pre-drilled holes made installation process quick and easy. I only wished they started their business in US several years earlier. My life would have been much easier that way :). But now seriously - they offer great product that I’m going to stick to and recommend to all of my customers, who want metal roofing.

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