Licensed Electrician in Schaumburg | UES Electrical Contractors

 If you require electrical work in your home or business, give Universal licensed electrical in Schaumburg a call. We will send a local electrical contractor to provide you with an estimate on the work required and how long it should take. We can provide professional service and installations for all kinds of electrical-powered items that include heating furnaces and airconditioning, underfloor heating, residential solar panels, heat pumps, and complete new house wiring. Our professional and hard-working crew, with their immense experience, can guide you in making your house more energy-efficient, and at the same time, create more ambiance and task lighting. We can also give you some ideas for automating your lights to switch on and off, saving energy, and making your house more streamlined by adding recessed and under-counter outlets. We are well known for our customer service in Schaumburg, which comes from years of successful electrical services and satisfied customers.