Chimney Cap in Elgin | Chimney Capping Experts

A chimney cap is an integral part of the chimney in that it provides protection from inclement weather and prevents the arrival of raccoons on your hearth. Chimney Cap in Elgin can manufacture a cover specifically for your individual chimney, which will benefit you more than one bought off the hardware store shelves. Although these all look functional and perfect for your chimney, this may not be the case, as an ill-fitting lid can cause more problems than solving them. Without the proper fitting cap and resilient screening, you could end up with your fireplace not functioning correctly and allowing smoke in the house.  


Most chimneys are made from brick masonry and do require maintenance on an annual basis. The cap you use is just as important as the masonry holding it up. You will find that having a custom-made chase cover specifically designed for your house will save you problems and money in the future.